• Breast Growth in Men

    Is breast growth in men normal? Is there a way to decrease?

    If you suffer from overdeveloped male breasts, you’ve probably asked yourself this question at some point. 

    According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 40% of men go through this.

    The problem is that most of the time, in addition to breast growth, which is already a great aesthetic discomfort for men, the increase also brings a feeling of swelling and pain in the region.

    This is very bad, as the characteristic is uncomfortable in the person’s daily activities and can also interfere with other habits, such as going to the beach, gym or wearing certain clothes, because most men with large breasts feel ashamed of this part of the body..

    Therefore, if you are tired of breast growth, having to hide them or suffering from pain in the area, follow us, as we will show you how to reduce the male mammary gland.

    What is breast growth in men?

    Breast growth in men is characterized by breast enlargement and, in some cases, pain and discomfort in the region. Breast enlargement in men can occur at different times, in childhood, in adulthood and in adolescence. Especially on the last one!

    Big male chest is more normal than it seems.

    About 60% of boys aged between 10 and 14 suffer from breast enlargement. However, as it is a hormonal problem, it tends to disappear by age 17. 

    In addition, breasts do not always grow equally. It may occur from augmenting only one breast.

    What makes a man with a woman’s breast? Main causes!

    Breast growth in men can occur due to two factors: excessive development of the mammary gland, due to hormonal disorders, such as estrogen in high amounts, or due to excess fatty tissue due to overweight.

    Breast enlargement due to male mammary gland growth

    All bodies (female and male) have mammary glands, the organ responsible for producing milk. In women, the glands are more developed, due to female hormones, called estrogens.

    In men, the female hormone rate is low, so the male mammary glands are normally not as developed, tending to remain imperceptible.

    Big breasts in men occur when there is an increase in estrogen. The hormone increases the size of the mammary glands, which leaves a man with a swollen male breast.

    This growth is called gynecomastia. To find out if this is your case, you must evaluate some factors, such as the possible causes of hormonal imbalance and its symptoms.

    Breast enlargement due to breast fat

    The second leading cause of breast growth in men is obesity. Weight gain can cause chest fat to increase, leaving the breasts large and in some cases, soft and saggy.

    However, this is not a condition exclusive to overweight people. The growth of fat in the chest can also affect people who are at the ideal weight and are more predisposed to accumulating fat in the breast region.

    This enlargement of the breasts by fat is called lipomastia.

    Lipomastia and gynecomastia cases require different treatments, as they are not the same problems. However, large breasts in men can occur due to two factors: obesity and hormonal disorders.

    That’s because body fat also promotes increased estrogen, which leads to enlargement of the mammary gland. In this case, the solution is to combine the two treatments for large breasts.

    What are the symptoms of breast enlargement in men?

    The main symptoms of breast enlargement in men are: fat chest, presence of a lump in the region, redness, secretion, pain, swelling and a feeling of stone in the man’s chest. Identifying the symptoms is important to know what motivated the increase in breasts and then define the appropriate treatment.

    How to diagnose male breast enlargement?

    To diagnose male breast enlargement, one needs to know the cause of this reaction. By analyzing the symptoms of growth, for example, the plastic surgeon in East Delhi is already able to differentiate whether it is a case of gynecomastia or excess fat.

    In situations where the patient has a fat and flaccid chest but it is not painful, the probability is that he has fat in the chest. Now, if the symptoms are swelling, lump or stone in the breast and pain in the nipple, it is likely to be a case of male mammary gland enlargement. 

    For each of these causes there is a different treatment. So, to have a more accurate diagnosis, the doctor requests mammography and ultrasound exams. 

    Having the result, the best plastic surgeon in East Delhi indicates the correct treatment to stop the growth of the breasts.

    How to make male breast smaller?

    There are several methods that promise to reduce the male chest, such as medicine, exercises, diets and surgery for breast reduction in men. However, some of the treatments for breast growth in men only inhibit or disguise the volume.

    In the case of medicine, for example, it does not end with large breasts in men, it only inhibits the growth of the region to continue.

    Diets and Exercises

    Diets and exercises to lose body fat can also be an alternative to getting rid of big breasts.

    However, they are only for men who need to burn chest fat. That is, if you had an enlarged mammary gland, this procedure will not be effective.

    Surgery to reduce the male breast

    Male breast reduction surgery in Delhi is able to completely eliminate any focus of volume in the chest, whether caused by the mammary gland or by fatty tissue. The procedure can be indicated on 4 occasions:

    • When breast enlargement is more severe and is bothering the person;
    • If the patient has had a treatment that did not bring results;
    • After 1 or 2 years of breast enlargement, if it occurs before age 17 or after age 50.

    How is the surgery to reduce the male breast?

    To shrink the large male breast due to the growth of the mammary gland, it is possible to perform surgery. In the same, the best plastic surgeon in Noida makes small incisions at the bottom of the areola, removes the gland and finally closes the place with sutures.

    How to get rid of breast fat in men?

    Surgery for breast reduction in men with excess fat is lipomastia. First, the plastic surgeon in Noida applies a serum to the region, which makes the fatty tissue more malleable. Then, with the help of a cannula, it removes the fat from the breasts through back and forth movements.

    The lipomastia procedure then works like a traditional lipo.

    Remembering that, if the patient has an increase in the mammary gland and fatty tissue, he can do a combination of both procedures.

    How to shrink the male breast permanently?

    The most effective method of losing breast fat and eliminating the male mammary gland is plastic surgery. After recovery from gynecomastia surgery in Delhi, the patient will be able to see the full result.

    The breasts will be much smaller, with no indication that there was volume. In addition, the scar will be practically imperceptible, since it is made in the areola region.

    But the advantages do not end there, surgery to reduce the male breast also improves the following aspects:

    • Self-esteem and security: there will be no more shame due to large breasts;
    • Social and loving relationships: say goodbye to the fear of being judged;
    • Choice of clothes: you can wear whatever clothes you want, without having to think about hiding your chest area.

    Make the right choice!

    If you are tired of having very large breasts, you want to recover your self-esteem and not feel ashamed of going shirtless, consider plastic surgery as a solution to your problem.

    But before that, remember to go to a plastic surgeon in Delhi to have an analysis of the cause of your breast growth. Because it could be a case of hormone dysregulation that led to gynecomastia, or a situation of fat accumulation.

  • Facial Cosmetic Surgery: Rhinoplasty, Facelift And Fillers

    Facial blemishes create strong discomfort and self-esteem problems. Fortunately, today there are several methods to improve one’s appearance and live the relationship with oneself and with others with greater serenity. Targeted facial cosmetic surgery interventions, carried out with safe and advanced techniques or small tricks that do not require too much time, which do not involve considerable side effects and carried out in complete safety by the best plastic surgeon in Noida, can really change your life!


    Rhinoplasty is one of the most frequent and effective facial cosmetic surgery procedures. The patient who decides to undergo this type of cosmetic nose surgery will notice considerable and pleasantly surprising differences between the before and after. Rhinoplasty aims to reshape the nose by eliminating different types of imperfections such as, for example, humps, a too pronounced tip or too wide nostrils. Rhinoplasty is also performed in case of respiratory problems related to deviation of the nasal septum and in case of hypertrophic turbinates.

    Rhinoplasty is performed through hidden incisions inside the nostrils (in this case, we speak of a closed technique) or by associating a microscopic scar hidden in the columella (in this case, we speak of an open technique).

    When planning rhinoplasty in Delhi, several factors need to be considered. The specific characteristics of the patient’s nose such as, for example, the bone structure, the quality of the cartilage, the thickness of the skin. Facial features should also be fully considered. A plastic surgeon in Noida must know how to shape a nose that is in harmony with other parts of the face to improve the overall appearance of the patient’s face.

    The rhinoplasty surgery lasts approximately 2 hours.

    Face Lift Surgery

    The face lifting is, on the other hand, an intervention that aims to correct the signs that with aging change the appearance of the face. As Stretching the facial muscles more, reducing the amount of fat present on the surface of the face, redistributing excess skin or removing it. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. There are different types of face lifting which differ according to the way in which the best plastic surgeon in Vaishali intervenes on the shape of the patient’s face and according to the costs. Here are the face lifting techniques carried out at our clinic:

    • Subcutaneous lift

    it serves to reduce the amount of excess skin, detaching a part of the skin from the face without intervening on the repositioning of the muscles. The plastic surgeon in Vaishali makes the incision along the temporal finish of the scalp and then continues downwards following the anterior hairline of the ear until it reaches the back of the auricle.

    • Sub-smas lifting

    this type of facelift, also called mini-facelift, is perfect for those patients who have a not particularly important sagging of the lower third of the face. The acronym SMAS refers to the Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System, which includes the structure of mimic muscles (in the anterior portion) and fibrous bands (in the posterior portion) present in the face. From an anatomical point of view, the SMAS represents the third layer of tissue (from the outside to the inside) that divides skin and superficial fat from bone and deep fat. This set of muscles and fibrous bands tends to weaken considerably over time and, consequently, deep fat tends to slide downwards and drag skin and superficial fat along with it.

    The mini-facelift is performed under local anesthesia or with light sedation. The incisions that the plastic surgeon in East Delhi makes are very short: about 1 cm below the sideburn, in front of the ear and a small 2 cm incision in the back of the ear. These incisions are used to detach the skin according to the pre-operative design made by the plastic surgeon in Kanpur. After having detached the skin, the best plastic surgeon in East Delhi can decide whether to apply the SMAS or to carry out a real detachment of the skin. The application consists in going to insert non-absorbable sutures to lift the muscular structures of the face. Once the skin has been repositioned, the plastic surgeon in Goregaon removes the excess and stitches the incisions.

    • Subperiosteal face lift

    it is carried out by making small cuts on the hairline and inside the mouth. In this way, the natural fat layer on the cheekbones is lifted and then repositioned. This type of facelift aims to lift the characteristic wrinkles that appear on the sides of the nose and mouth and lift sagging cheeks. The subperiosteal facelift also involves the lifting of the Smas and should therefore be considered as a type of deep facelift. This type of surgery is recommended for patients between the ages of 40 and 50 with sagging cheeks, skin folds or considerable laxity in the nose and lips area.

    • Traction threads

    The traction threads are biocompatible and 100% reabsorbable by the body. They are composed of polylactic acid, a substance capable of stimulating collagenogenesis and creating an increase in the production of endogenous collagen. Each thread has a bidirectional structure made of opposing cones that are fixed in the subcutaneous adipose tissue. The advantages of this technique are several: a simple local anesthesia is enough, they lead to an increase in collagen, elastic fibers and hyaluronic acid, they improve vascularisation, they are completely reabsorbed within a year and a half.

    • Lipofilling

    A type of intervention that consists in taking fat from certain areas where it is present in greater quantities and transferring it to other areas. This allows you to restore volume to those areas of the face where volume has been lost with ageing. The large content of stem cells present in the adipose tissue has a tissue regeneration effect and this gives new life and shine to the skin and subcutaneous tissue of the face. With aging, the tissues of the face and neck are altered due to the dislocation and thinning of muscle masses, the atrophy of fatty tissue and the reduction of skin elasticity. This is why wrinkles appear in the periocular area with associated sunken eyelids, deepening of the furrows of the nose, decreased definition of the contours of the face.

    Facial cosmetic surgery: latest trends

    More and more men and women are now turning to the surgeon to counteract wrinkles, furrows on the face and the various signs of aging. Botox is the simplest and most immediate solution for complete rejuvenation, which has been around for several years now. Hyaluronic acid fillers are also increasingly successful in men and women of different ages.

    As far as the nose is concerned, those who choose to have rhinoplasty tend to ask more and more for a “tailor-made” nose studied on the individual person and on the profile. The requests for rhinofillers will also grow.

    Facial cosmetic surgery: who to contact

    Dr Sahil Singla is an expert plastic surgeon in Delhi for surgery and aesthetic medicine and uses the most innovative technologies for aging the face and for solving imperfections in the most natural way possible. The state – of – the – art center uses the most modern technologies for facial cosmetic surgery and body treatment.

    Empathy, experience and passion are the basis of Dr Sahil’s work and there are numerous testimonies on social networks of men and women who have improved their self-esteem thanks to small and large changes. Contact us to make an appointment and to study together the intervention that best suits your wishes. Every big change starts with a small step.

  • Breast Reduction Surgery - Important Points About the Procedure

    Breast reduction surgery in Delhi is one of the most popular procedures today. Indicated to take care of problems caused by very large breasts, such as back and spine pain, reduction mammoplasty relieves these complications, providing a more comfortable size for the woman. Breast reduction surgery also has the benefit of a healthier, younger, and symmetrical appearance.

    Frequently asked questions about breast reduction surgery

    Talking about the most recurrent approaches and questions about breast reduction surgery, in an attempt to guide more people who are interested in the subject and are curious to know how the reduction mammoplasty procedure works .

    First of all, the woman who wants to undergo breast reduction surgery in East Delhi must be within her ideal weight, so that the result is harmonious in relation to her figure. In addition, weight variation can interfere with the shape of the breasts. The breast is formed mainly by glands and fatty tissue. The glands do not grow back after breast reduction surgery, but the fat can build up again if the patient has gained weight.

    Breastfeeding after reduction mammoplasty

    One of the most frequently asked questions to plastic surgeon in Noida is whether it is possible to breastfeed after breast reduction surgery?

    In some extreme cases, called gigantomastia, in which it is necessary to remove the nipple completely to reposition it, breastfeeding may be impaired. Fortunately, in the vast majority of cases, breastfeeding normally follows breast reduction surgery. This is because the glands are not completely removed in the procedure, and the woman is still able to produce milk.

    Time is also an important factor in this regard. In general, the more time that has passed after breast reduction surgery, the easier lactation will be. Therefore, it is necessary to inform the best plastic surgeon in Noida of the desire to have children, in this way, he will choose the most appropriate surgical technique. For women who have children, breastfeeding should be stopped at least two months before surgery.

    Can I lose sensation after breast reduction surgery?

    Another important point is sensitivity. Many women fear losing it after breast reduction surgery. Because of the changes that the breasts undergo after a procedure like this, it is common for some change in sensitivity to occur. But it is rare that this effect is definitive. In most cases, the loss of sensitivity is more intense at the beginning and tends to decrease over the first six months, until it returns completely to normal.

    How is the postoperative period of reduction mammoplasty?

    The postoperative period of breast reduction surgery is a moment of extreme importance. It is essential that the patient correctly follows all the surgeon’s instructions for this step, especially rest. The return to work and the resumption of physical activities can only be authorized by the best plastic surgeon in East Delhi.

    In addition, it is necessary to respect the correct way of sleeping, sitting and moving in the first days after the surgery. Such care is essential for the healing and recovery of the patient.

    Finally, it is always good to remember that the conversation with the plastic surgeon in East Delhi and the clarification of all doubts are essential to obtain a successful plastic surgery, in addition to also respecting the needs of the postoperative period of the breast reduction surgery, thus helping to ensure better results.

    Talk to a Breast Reduction Surgery Professional

    Do you have any questions related to breast reduction surgery in Delhi? Contact a plastic surgeon in Delhi and clarify all questions before making the surgical decision.

  • Male Tummy Tuck: What it is, Benefits and Treatments

    Many men worry about having a “belly”. The male tummy tuck in Delhi is a common procedure that can reduce the size of a protruding belly by removing excess skin and tightening the muscles of the midsection of the body.

    What is the male abdominoplasty?

    This technique seeks to show a smoother abdomen, so that the figure of the male contour is stylized.

    The main reason why many men go for a tummy tuck in Delhi is because they have a lot of flaccidity in the area. Also due to the accumulation of fat and lack of muscle tone that shows distended skin.

    How are male and female tummy tucks different?

    Abdominoplasty in Delhi is a form of body contouring, so the male one differs from the female one in that we try to achieve a very different body aesthetic.

    Men seek to have this area more defined so that it is an operation whose results are usually very satisfactory, says the Best Plastic Surgeon in Noida.

    Sometimes you have to assess the possibility of doing liposuction to remove fat, but it is necessary to take into account that this technique or tummy tuck is not done to lose weight.

    Benefits of this intervention in men

    Frequent or drastic changes in body weight can cause abdominal muscles to weaken, skin to sag, and stretch marks to appear. However, in many cases, simple aging is the main cause of a soft abdomen.

    As we age, fat redistributes itself in the abdominal area. For many men, exercising does not result in a slim, youthful appearance. Male tummy tuck in Delhi can improve the appearance of the abdominal region by removing excess skin and tightening the abdominal muscles. For the best results, a male tummy tuck should be combined with a balanced diet.

    Who is the ideal candidate?

    The ideal men to undergo this treatment cannot be overweight. It is possible that they have localized fat in the area, but if they exceed their weight too much, they must first lose weight.

    It is an appropriate operation for those who have fat in this part of their body, and who cannot eliminate it through diet or other habits. Also, if due to the passage of time there is flaccidity in the muscles or skin or due to having undergone diets.

    Types of Male Abdominoplasty

    Male tummy tuck in Delhi is a procedure performed under general or local anesthesia and sedation. In a traditional male tummy tuck, an incision is made in the lower abdomen from one hip to the other, and another is made to reposition the navel. The abdominal muscles are tightened, and excess skin is removed. The rest of the skin is stretched, to achieve a firmer and smoother abdomen.

    In a partial procedure, or male mini-abdominoplasty in Delhi, less skin is removed, and the belly button is left untouched. The result is a smaller scar and shorter recovery time compared to a full male tummy tuck. Liposuction can also be performed at the same time to remove any excess fat from the area. The completion of the total male tummy tuck takes approximately two to three hours, and the partial male tummy tuck requires one to two hours.

    In an extended tummy tuck, the surgical incisions are extended around the patient’s flanks, and the treatment area is expanded to include the upper part of the hips.

    During endoscopic abdominoplasty, small incisions are made and a small camera is used; In this intervention we tense the abdominal area. This procedure does not remove skin and is less invasive than other tummy tuck surgeries.

    Postoperative and recovery

    The postoperative period and recovery in these cases is the same, regardless of gender. It will be necessary to wear a girdle for a while.

    For a while the area will be inflamed, and it is necessary to follow the recommendations for scar care, says the Plastic Surgeon in Noida.

    The incorporation into working life can take place in about two weeks and you will not be able to carry out exercises throughout the time that we indicate.

    In general, it is an operation with excellent results and that more and more men are practicing.

  • Abdominoplasty: Who is it for?

    Abdominoplasty plastic surgery also knows as tummy tuck is the procedure in which excess skin and fat is removed. In many cases it is also associated with the restoration of muscles, which may be weakened or separated (diastasis), in order to provide a more toned and refined abdomen.

    Despite being a well-known surgical procedure, many people still believe that abdominoplasty in Delhi can be used as a way to lose weight quickly, but this idea is wrong. Let’s understand why!

    When does the plastic surgeon indicate abdominoplasty?

    Many people associate tummy tuck in Delhi with weight loss, they believe that only overweight patients are submitted to this surgery, but this is not the case!

    People within the ideal weight and with ideal body proportions may also have abdominal sagging and excess skin in the region.

    Most cases seen by a plastic surgeon in Noida specializing in abdominoplasty present at least one of the main causes of sagging in the abdomen:

    • Pregnancy;
    • Aging;
    • Weight fluctuation;
    • Prior surgery.

    What factors can generate the need for an abdominoplasty?

    • Aging – Over the years, the body undergoes many physical and hormonal changes, so the skin texture becomes increasingly flaccid.
      The face is considered the site of greatest exposure and, consequently, of greatest concern on the part of patients. It is increasingly common to carry out procedures that minimize the effects of advanced signs of aging, such as a frontal lift, for example. However, it is not just the face that is affected by aging. The abdominal region also becomes flaccid and abdominoplasty in Delhi is a great ally in these cases;
    • Pregnancy – After pregnancy, due to the need for the skin to stretch to accommodate the increase in the belly, it is quite common for the abdominal region to become quite flaccid and with excess tissue. Although many women manage to recover their silhouette after pregnancy with the practice of physical activities, in some cases the skin may remain flaccid or the woman may develop diastasis (a situation in which the abdominal muscles separate due to the development of the baby). In these situations, it is possible to opt for abdominoplasty to recover the appearance of the abdominal region;
    • Weight fluctuation – Currently, the search for the ideal body leads people to opt for diets and practice physical activities without adequate guidance, which can cause weight fluctuation or the famous “accordion effect”. When there is a very sudden weight loss or gain, it is normal for the abdominal region to become flaccid. For these cases, abdominoplasty in Delhi is also indicated;
    • Heredity – The physical characteristics of an individual, regardless of the habits acquired throughout life, suffer a lot of genetic influence. With the abdominal aspect it is no different. Many people have flabbiness in the abdomen due to heredity, a characteristic that can be corrected through tummy tuck in Delhi.

    How to choose the best plastic surgeon in Noida for a tummy tuck?

    The plastic surgeon in Delhi specialized in abdominoplasty is the most suitable professional for this type of surgery. In addition to specific training to aesthetically assess the patient’s situation, it is who can indicate the best option for each case, according to its particularities.

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